Stationery and text book lists for 2023

The Booklists for 2023 have now been handed out to students and are available through Campion, using “Q2X3” as the code.

Please note that to receive text books in time for the start of the 2023 school year, orders should be placed with Campion Education by 16th December 2022. 

Attached are the following:

Letter to parents regarding Booklists for 2023
Campion Education order form for textbooks for Years 7-9 (includes Montessori Adolescent Program)
Stationery List for Years 7-9
Campion Education order form for textbooks for Years 10-12
Stationery List for Year 10-12
Stationery List for Montessori Adolescent Program Years 7-9

2023 letter to parents with book list

Beechworth SC Junior School Years 7-9 2023 Resource List

Beechworth SC Senior School Years 10-12 2023 Resource List

MAP Stationery List 2023

Year 10-12 Stationery List 2023

Years 7 -9 Stationery List 2023