The dedicated and knowledgeable teachers and staff at Beechworth Secondary College are a huge asset to our town. As a member of the Beechworth community, I passionately support the access to local public education for our teenagers. Students are known individually and gain a valuable education they can be proud of.

Lia Mitchell – Community Member


Two of our children have attended Beechworth Secondary College and we have been thoroughly impressed with the range of opportunities that they have had. In years 7 to 9 they both participated in the Montessori Adolescent Program where they developed amazing organisational and leadership skills – this have included setting some of their own work agendas, organising camps and running their own businesses.

The outdoor education camps and leadership programs have been fantastic. The 12 day Future Makers program was a great highlight. One of our girls also spent 6 weeks in China as part of a state school leadership program – an opportunity that was provided through Beechworth Secondary.

I have also been impressed by the drama productions at Beechworth Secondary – our children have not only been regular performers but also taken on major roles in writing and producing authentic and meaningful drama performances. This has sparked a genuine and lasting passion for one of them.

I have no hesitation in recommending Beechworth Secondary College to any prospective students.

Matt Davidson – Parent


Throughout my 6 years at Beechworth Secondary College I have laughed with friends and learnt so much from the generous teachers, always happy to give me a hand. Now in year 12 I’m sad to have to leave the school I’ve grown so fond of, but in my place I hope the next grades can enjoy this school and make more memories they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Owen Christesen – Student