Technology Studies is offered across two strands:
1. Materials
2. Information

In these study areas, students work through common learning processes: designing, investigating, producing and evaluating. Students in Years 7 and 8 study a wide range of Technology Studies. Students in Years 9-10 elect which Technology Studies they would like to pursue.

Materials Technology
At Beechworth Secondary College, students study Woodworking, Metalwork, Information Technology and Food.

Woodwork – This course aims to involve students in practical activities which enable them to develop their skills in using a range of basic hand tools such as saws, files, planes, drills, mallet and chisels as well as measuring and making equipment. Emphasis is placed on the solving of practical problems and exercising design skills including the production of a simple plan and elevation and CAD drawing. The processes of investigation, design, production and evaluation are also emphasised during the production of their tasks.

Metalwork – Metalwork students develop an understanding of metal characteristics and processes. Students test metals, produce items using a range of hand tools and develop their ideas in design briefs. They investigate issues affecting the use and production of metals and metal products.

Food – This course involves students investigating the relationship between food and health. They design menus and select appropriate ingredients to produce meals using a variety of skills and techniques. Students learn to work in a safe and hygienic manner and continually evaluate their own work practices.

Information Technology
This course involves the development of appropriate computer skills with emphasis on a range of word processing, publishing and presentation skills. Students are expected to complete a major project such as planning a school trip and demonstrating the different skills required.