All students study English from Year 7 to Year 10. The English program builds and expands on students’ earlier experiences of language. Activities are based on the dimensions of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Viewing, and Writing in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum.

Class texts are selected from a varied range of global, classic and contemporary material. Working closely with the Librarian, material is reviewed annually, and selected to suit individual classes. The college has a rich range of resources including novels, short stories, films, plays, poetry, interactive CDs and websites. The library also supports English staff by providing audios for studied novels and selecting texts that complement these novels.

From Year 7, English students can access a range of programs including Literacy Support and National English Competitions. Silent reading is an established culture whereby students spend the first 10 minutes of each English lesson reading their personally selected material. The school is known for its reading culture for both boys and girls. Students in Years 7 to 10 can participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Each year the school invites a popular, young adult fiction writer to run author talks and writing workshops with students.  Our enthusiastic student writers and readers attend writing festivals locally and in the Metro area.