Assessment & Reporting

Students are assessed in a variety of ways on how they demonstrate their achievement against the Victorian Curriculum Standards in all of the subjects they undertake.

Parents and guardians with VCE students can refer to the official study designs of the relevant subject or the VCE Handbook.

Interim Student Progress Reports are issued at the end of Terms One and Three for students in Years 7-10. Comprehensive student reports are issued at the end of each semester (end of Terms Two and Four) online through COMPASS. These can be printed at the school by students or on request.

At the end of Terms 1 and 3 official Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews are held for all students in Years 7-12. All students and parents are encouraged to attend. There is an online interview booking system for parents’ convenience through the COMPASS portal. The link is available on the school website and is advertised in the school newsletter.

Parents are welcome to contact their child’s subject teacher, Year Level Coordinator or the Principal at other times if they have concerns.