Middle Years 7-9

Our learning programme for students in Year 7-10 is based on the Victorian Curriculum. Courses are structured mainly according to the traditional disciplines, although students in Year 9 have the opportunity to develop their interdisciplinary skills, such as team work, communication, thinking skills and interpersonal skills through Futuremakers. The broader physical, personal and social development of students has also become important for all teachers in whatever area of learning they have expertise. Our teaching and programs pay attention to inclusiveness and recognise the fact that students have different ways of learning.

Year 7
Students study a core of traditional disciplines covering the eight learning areas: Mathematics, English, Technology, Arts, Languages Other Than English (LOTE – French), Humanities, Science and Personal Development (Health, Careers and Physical Education).  Technology and Arts are run across both Years 7 and 8 with students rotating through semester length units in the various areas of the disciplines (woodwork, metalwork, visual communication, food technology, drama and art).

Year 8
In Year 8, students continue to study a core of traditional disciplines covering the eight learning areas. Technology and Arts rotations continue by semester.

Year 9
Year 9 students study the core of traditional disciplines covering eight learning domains