All students in Years 7 to 10 study Mathematics. The five dimensions studied are:

1. Number
2. Space
3. Measurement, Chance & Data
4. Structure
5. Working mathematically

Concepts are covered by regular basic skills development and practice as well as by the use of appropriate practical activities and project work. Use is made of computers and calculators to engage in modeling and other simulation activities. Problem solving skills are developed by exposing students to a variety of situations and experiences and having them explain or predict a solution.

In the lower secondary school, the approach to Mathematics is designed specifically to cater for all abilities, acknowledging the wide range of differences that exist between students at this level. Students have access to support and enrichment activities throughout Years 7 and 8. This support continues in Years 9 and 10, helping students develop their understanding of the subject so that they are able to select the level of Mathematics best suited to their ability and pathways in their senior years of schooling. We encourage all students to undertake the more advanced concepts and there is additional assistance for those students who find the abstract nature of the subject a little challenging.

We offer a full range of Maths subjects for VCE. Students typically select from General Maths, Further Maths and Maths Methods (CAS). If there is adequate demand, we are also able to offer Specialist Maths, Advanced General Maths and Foundation Maths courses. We strongly encourage all students to study Mathematics in Years 11 and 12 and we support our students in their choice. Teachers are always happy to assist students outside of class time and to work with them to achieve success. The integration of technology is a high priority in the Mathematics domain and students become experienced at using a range of tools including computer software and graphics calculators.