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Information Handbook 2023/24

Please download our Information Handbook for 2023/24.

2023 Information Handbook


Stationery and text book lists for 2024

The Booklists for 2024 are now available through Campion, using “7QTF” as the code.

Please note that to receive text books in time for the start of the 2024 school year, orders should be placed with Campion Education by 15th December 2023. 

Attached are the following:

Letter to parents regarding Booklists for 2024
Campion Education order form for textbooks for Years 7-9 (includes Montessori Adolescent Program)
Stationery List for Years 7-9 and Montessori
Campion Education order form for textbooks for Years 10-12
Stationery List for Year 10-12

Beechworth Secondary College HTOOF 2024 (7-12)

2024 Booklist – Letter to Families

Beechworth SC Junior and MAP Booklist 2024

Beechworth SC Senior Booklist 2024

Year 7-9 and Montessori Stationery List 2024

Year 10-12 Senior School Stationery List 2024

Laptop Program 2024

2024 BYOD

Beechworth Secondary College supports a student-owned laptop program to enable all students 1:1 computer access for flexible engagement with digital learning. A student-owned laptop that meets minimum system requirements is a requisite for all students from years 7-12 and must be used in accordance with the Beechworth Secondary College Acceptable Use Agreement.


2024 Student Laptop Model


ExpertBook B1 Specifications

• Intel UHD graphics
• 14” screen (non-touch)
• 256GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5 processor
• USB 2.0 type-A, USB 3.2 type-A, USB 3.2 type-C
• HDMI, 3.5mm audio
• 720p HD front-facing camera
• Standard 1 year manufacturers warranty

Price: $1,329*


ExpertBook B3 Flip Specifications

• 360 degree hinge Touch Screen + stylus
• 256GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7 processor
• USB 2.0 type-A, USB 3.2 type-A, USB 3.2 type-C
• HDMI, 3.5mm audio
• Front-facing 720p HD video camera
• Standard 1 year manufacturers warranty

Price: $1,529*


ASUS Accidental Damage
Covers accitental damage repairs over 3 years
Price: $149*


The Apple Macbook Air is an additional option for students who prefer Apple computers. This device
has a larger screen, better processing, and larger storage.

MacBook Air M1 Specifications:

• 13.3” Retina Display
• 256GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM, 8-core Apple M1 processor
• Touch ID
• USB 3 type-C, 3.5mm audio jack
• FaceTime 1080p HD camera

Price: $1,365*


Macbook Air M2 Specifications

• 13.3” Retina Display
• 256GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM, 8-core Apple M2 processor
• Touch ID
• USB 3 type-C, 3.5mm audio jack
• FaceTime 1080p HD camera

Price: $1658*

• 2 claims available every 12 months
• Tiered excess for repair or replacement (deemed by repairer)
• Please note: AppleCare + can not be purchased at the same time as the device. A mandatory cooling-off period applies to this product. EduComIT will contact customers who purchase AppleCare + to arrange purchase after the cooling off period has expired.

Price $269.00*

*prices are based upon all available information at the time of publication and are subject to change

Cases and bags for these devices are also available. You can find these details here: 2024 BYOD

Supplied by EDUCOMIT Computing



1. Beechworth Secondary College strongly recommends that families purchase devices through the EDUCOMIT  portal:

2. Purchase a laptop that meets the minimum system requirements through a supplier of your choice. Please take warranty/repair arrangements into consideration when purchasing through alternative suppliers.

3. Pursue a secondhand or hand-me-down laptop that meets minimum system requirements.



Windows Apple
Operating System Windows 10 or higher OS X BIGSUR or higher
Wireless 802.11 802.11
Hard Drive 128GB 128GB



•Please evaluate the build quality of any laptop purchased. The demands of being carried around to classes, and to and from school can take a toll on a computer. Further protection can be added by purchasing a hard cover for your laptop.

•It is the responsibility of each family to ensure the laptop is covered by insurance/warranty in the event of accidental damage or theft. The College accepts no responsibility for damage or loss.

•Laptops need to come to school, fully-charged and ready for use each day. Power supplies cannot be used at school due to the Occupational Health & Safety risks.

•Students must ensure the safety and security of their laptop by storing it in their assigned locker with its lock fastened.

•Laptops cannot be serviced by College technicians. All maintenance and servicing is the owner’s responsibility.

•Transport of the laptop with the screen closed, and using it securely on a desk can minimise risk of damage.

•Plan for the future with a device that will last at-least three years, and meets the demands of their learning.

•Please check the Minimum Specifications of your chosen device.



EDUCOMIT offers three payment options:

1. Upfront purchase of device and accessories

2. Four month lay-by from time of order until device is delivered. Cost split into four equal payments with no additional charges, fees or interest.

3. Finance available through Edstart. 3 year lease-to-own with a flat rate of $6.00 per month interest for the duration of the contract. (please read terms & conditions carefully)

For more information on payment options, contact EDUCOMIT on (02) 6000 2137



The Department of Education and Training (DET) provides access to a range of software to support student learning in schools. Your child will be able to access from EduSTAR, through the Beechworth Secondary College network:

•Google G Suite applications

•Microsoft office suite and Office 365 applications

•Adobe Creative Cloud applications

•Antivirus Endpoint protection

•Creative technology applications