Adolescent Health Nurse

DET Secondary School Nursing Program provides an Adolescent Health Nurse service to our school 2 days a week.

Sarah Williams is our nurse and is available on Thursdays and Fridays. Sarah’s office is located opposite the Food Tech room in the portables.

The role of the Adolescent Health Nurse is to promote student health and wellbeing. They work as part of the School Wellbeing Team to improve the health and wellbeing of students by providing information and support to make positive health choices. This might include Sexual Health Issues, Relationships, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Healthy Eating, Mental Health, Body Image, Coping with Illness, Managing Stress and Cybersafety.

This is achieved through whole school health promotion, health education/promotion in classrooms or small groups, one on one health consultations which may involve assisting students to get in touch with support services, or supporting students to talk to parents about health issues and building partnerships/connections and community organisations.

The service is free and confidential. The nurse is required to keep information private and confidential unless otherwise agreed. However, there are some instances where the nurse may have to let other people know about the situation ( for example, the nurse thinks the student is at risk of being harmed, harming themselves or harming someone else.)

If you wish to contact the school nurse please call the school office on 03 5728 1264.