Our learning program for students in Year 7-10 is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards published by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Courses are structured mainly according to the traditional disciplines, although students in Years 8 and 9 & 10 have the opportunity to develop their non-disciplined skills such as team work, communication, thinking skills and interpersonal skills through the Pathways elective each week.. The broader physical, personal and social development of students has also become important for all teachers in whatever area of learning they have expertise.

Our teaching and programs pay attention to inclusiveness and recognise the fact that students have different ways of learning. Beechworth Secondary College offers a comprehensive range of subjects to cater for the needs of students with diverse interests and abilities. The curriculum structure is designed so that students undertake studies from all Domains at Years 7 to 10. Students are then able to select from a wide range of VCE, VET and VCAL units to create a program suited to their individual needs. year 10 students select subjects within a 3 year VCE program.

One of our essential learning and teaching principles is to utilise innovative pedagogical practices that effectively integrate technology. The BYOD laptop program gives practical expression to this principle. The key aim for the integration of technology is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to become competent, discriminating and creative users of a range of devices.

The curriculum is based on the following teaching and learning values:

  • Understanding that learning should be authentic, connected to real world issues and life long, teaching students skills to inspire them to be learners for life.
  • Encouraging students to be resilient risk-takers, accepting the challenge of moving out of their comfort zone and mastering the ability to be strengthened by that challenge.
  • Creating opportunities in the learning and teaching process for all students to become creative critical and quality thinkers
  • Understanding that teaching should be student centred, empowering students to achieve autonomy and accept responsibility for their learning.
    Understanding that learning and teaching should be based on restorative practices that focus on the dignity of reconnecting the individual and assisting them to build “right relationships”.

For senior students, course planning is an important part of each student’s education. Curriculum guides and handbooks are produced each year and are available as part of the subject selection process. Events such as the Tertiary Expo, university open days and visiting trades and training organisations also provide additional opportunities for students and parents to discuss subject and career options with teachers and representatives from these providers and experts.