Yr 7 Camp Bogong

Year 7 Camp – We have negotiated for a heavily modified Year 7 camp to take place on Thursday
and Friday (Feb 18 and 19). The circumstances of the camp will be as follows:
a. The venue will remain unchanged.
b. Activities will be compressed.
c. The bus will depart Beechworth SC at 6am on Thursday and return Friday 9pm.
d. All of the same equipment list will apply.
e. If you no longer wish to attend the revised two day camp or have any further questions then
please email us at: beechworth.sc@education.vic.gov.au
f. Details regarding reimbursement, credit or rescheduling are yet to be determined.
g. If the lock down is extended beyond Wednesday then we will review the camp as the
situation unfolds and update families accordingly