Parent Involvement and Communication

Beechworth Secondary College places great importance on the communication between school and parents, and values parental involvement.

Our school newsletter that is sent home via Compass every second Friday and provides regular information about upcoming events, including dates, to the school community. The newsletter is also available via our website at or can be emailed to you at your request.

Study Planner
Each student is issued with a school study planner which can be used to record homework and other requirements. In addition, the College encourages the use of the Study Planner by parents and teachers as a means of communication. This may include notes regarding student absences, achievements, uniform issues, behaviour concerns or general progress.

School Council & Sub-Committees
The School Council is the official governing body of the school community. It is the body that develops, approves and reviews all policies within the College. It is therefore vital to have effective representation from parents, students and community to ensure the College policies reflect the values and needs of our community. Our school council has six elected parent members, four elected staff members, two students and two co-opted members. In addition, members of the school community are encouraged to serve on various sub-committees such as Education, Wellbeing, Resources, Buildings and Grounds, Learning Technologies, Community Recreation Centre and Canteen.

Assisting with Student Activities
Parents are welcome to assist the school in student activities such as Literacy tutoring programs, school production (back-stage, costume making and set construction), sports days, excursions and special events.